Brief About the Company

Kin stands for family, kine stands for connection, ergy stands for energy (yeah we got some , and ergy also means synergy which is the when results are exponentially greater than the sum of the talent within our group. We have a standard model of collaboration that empowers many to contribute within our network, implement various business building solutions, and inducing time not only for working hard but playing hard as well!

In Web Creation, Graphic Design, Video/Photography, etc., We quest for realistic ROI in mind. We get you found, we create a capturing presence that is YOU, and we implement a structure for ease of growth for your brand, band, project, or whatever you may have on your table

Your one stop shop solution center for IT Managed Services,  


Best Of Ours

Whether you’re a client or work with KinergyTech, you get treated like family

Customized For Your Business Needs

Everything you need to sell online!

Why Choose Scientific Webs for eCommerce Website Development?

Why Choose Kinergy Tech?

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Full Support

Email, chat, or call. Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it all.

Web Programming

Analyzing the scripts and the codes to ensure functionality. The backend of programming in PHP

Web Design

Sleek and sexy look is how we go by. Not only functional, but catches the eye.

Graphic Design

Ugly to no logo is a No No. Like the Fashion Police, we the Graphics Po Po.


People everywhere are loving Kinergy Tech and we thrive off their feedback.

Kinergy Tech maintains an overall 5-Star rating.

Services We Offer

Over the years of being in the industry, we’ve made sure
to have a lineup of services.

SEO | Search Engine Optimiz - ation

Search engine optimization is HUGE and paramount in getting you to the top of Google. We can run tests, assess what’s needed, and impliment SEO search engine optimization with current day 2018 standards.

Social media marketing

One of the top arms in the digital space to contract business, get followers, add awareness, and increase your entity’s successs.

Content Creation

From photography to videography and copyrighting to various forms of graphic design let us put our creative juices to work and be an extension of your branding efforts!

Website & App Creation

Custom tailor-suited web site thats fits you
• Search Engine Optimized(SEO)
• Monthly Content Updates by our design team
• Online editor for easy DIY website updates
• Website Security Updates and regular site backups

Managed IT Services

Whether it’s setting up a network, helpdesk, or anything IT use us to get the job done whether the high costs of other agencies. Our aim is to mitigate technical issues in order to maintain your tempo, preserve reputation, and accelerate growth.

Drone Photo/Videography

Need an intelligent, attractive, and at a price lower than what you’ve likely seen? Get found. Be memorable, and create an understandable and easy user experience. Utilizing our deep knowledge in our own created Limbic Logistics process,

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